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The world’s first and only financial search engine is at your fingertips. Focusing on instant accessibility and connecting millions every second to their financial goals.

GET IT!!! It’s NOT just a phrase but our commitment to you!

We are connected to the world’s finest and most reputable financial institutions such as banks, investment banks, trust companies, equity lenders, brokerages and designated lenders worldwide. Whether you are an individual, corporation, institution or government agency, you can connect immediately to the finance you need. We possess a global reach that connects you worldwide with NO geographical restrictions!

Accessing GXX® services globally means more than normal borrowing and lending, it means connecting from one part of the world to another. You can connect to finance from any country in the world with the press of a button. There are NO borders! Just apply using the world’s Global Expert Exchange™.

It’s that simple! Welcome to financial freedom!!

The right opportunities

At GXX®, we’re focused on providing the best options for users globally, whether you’re looking for an a way to bank, an investment, money to help with a new project or looking to continue the development of an existing project. We have made it our mission to connect you to lenders globally. You can apply with any lender anywhere in the world. This ensures the absolute best options for you!

Provide money globally

Our mission is to facilitate access to money for the entire world, and in every language. We have provided worldwide accessibility of money via our website www.gxx.com, our GXX® ambassadors, and our financial partners worldwide. We offer GXX®’s search interface in 91 languages, giving people the ability to search for money in their own language.

Find what you are looking for

With GXX®| Global Expert Exchange™ you have access to the largest financial search platform.  GXX® is equipped with the infrastructure to provide you with the finance you need with confidentiality and security. Borrowers and world class lenders are all in one place with GXX®. GXX® has everything you are looking for!

The best information

At GXX®, we know that information is power. The better your information, the better you can make the right decision for yourself. We want to protect you against higher rates and charges in the market; that is why we will always provide you with the most current financial information and finance programs. With the best information you will make more informed decisions regarding your future. 

Financial freedom

GXX® provides a unique opportunity to let you take control of your financial situation with the world of financial options opened up to you. You can set your own conditions for lending or borrowing money. Our partners are collectively working to improve our commitment to our members.

No boundaries

There are no more borders, boundaries or limitations to invest or borrow money worldwide. By using the Global Expert Exchange™ platform, you benefit from negotiating your own tailored approaches to finance anywhere in the world you choose. Because GXX® has no borders or boundaries, millions of members rely on and trust our platform to search, connect and communicate with borrowers and lenders worldwide.

The fastest service

We understand that your time is valuable, whether you’re seeking answers to your questions or looking for immediate money. Our Global Expert Exchange™ platform will give you immediate, secure, streamlined access to your goal. When you need money, the time is faster! That is why we at GXX® are here!

YOU are our business model

The revenue we generate is derived from offering financial search functionalities, advertisement and consumer products that enable our users to meet their financial goals. GXX® uses this revenue to provide the best service, information, and our ambassadors to help you with your needs. We are designed for continuing successful operation for our users.

Global Compassion

GXX® is committed to making the world a better place. We take the time to understand what is going on globally so we can take steps to make a positive difference. We work with charities and philanthropic organizations in local communities and around the world. We would love to work with you too, just let us know!

Privacy and Security

GXX® is secure and your privacy is important to us. GXX® uses the most up to date technology to secure its website and the information it contains. GXX® specifically chooses members that are qualified to handle sensitive, confidential information. GXX® provides the ID number, names and pictures of all members so you can be sure that information you receive is authentic. Both online and physical locations are secure.

Discover the GXX® mission!

The GXX® mission is making money available worldwide, simply, by using our Global Expert Exchange™ information technology platform… It’s time to stop searching!

Things you should know

A budget is a calculation of how much you earn each month and how much you spend and save. The best way to budget is to understand your expenses. There are essential needs, wants and goals that can be included in your budget. Knowing your financial situation is the best way to keep your budget realistic. You can use GXX® budgeting tool to enter your income and expense information so you can track your expenses and spend within your budgeted amount.
When you access credit with GXX® you receive something of value now, such as a spending plan or cash, and agree to pay for it later. Credit can come in the form of cards or loans for a car, home, or education. You are responsible for the costs associated with using credit, so it’s important to compare various credit options with your actual needs to get the best services that come with the credit.
To check your credit score you can request an annual copy of your report for free. You should verify that all the information on it is accurate. You should take action immediately if the information is not correct. The best way to keep your credit score great is to make timely payments at the required amount.
To get ideas about how to help you with your debt, join the GXX® discussion boards or learn about GXX®’s various debt relief plans to help you with your debt. Viewing getting out of debt as a long-term goal will help you celebrate achieving smaller goals, such as paying off one of your purchases.
If you need more help with paying your debt, you can partner with a reputable debt relief company. GXX® can refer you to a reputable provider with multiple options to help you get out of debt. The provider will also have the experience, resources, and certified counselors needed to work with you to help pay off debt and achieve your financial goals.
When you include saving in your financial plan you can gradually build up a great reserve. GXX® will help you identify ways to build up your savings so that you can chose to use it in any way you please. Even a small amount of savings made a regular part of your budget can add up to more than you can imagine. Setting up automatic deposits from your account or taking a certain amount from your monthly income to save in an account can add up to a large sum for you to use for the future.
When you retire, you will need a steady income or a large amount of savings to cover everything you will need to live comfortably. GXX® provides financial resources that help you get there. There are many options available to suit your specific needs. GXX® provides you with the knowledge of these plans and a certified financial planner when necessary.
Your health is an important part of your life and can affect your finances. With the right tools you can lower your costs and make care more accessible. There are many great programs that you can participate in that will create a health spending plan. GXX® can help with reducing your health care expenses.
When considering insurance policies be sure to think about yourself and the people in your life who insurance will benefit. The best way to view insurance is from a broad perspective that goes beyond your current situation. The ideal insured amount should be enough to cover existing and future debts, as well as new expenses in the future.
An estate plan will ensure your wishes are carried out if you’re not there to make your wishes known. You can include as many or few people in your plan as you would like. GXX® can help you to prepare a will, and identify belongings or monetary assets and insurance benefits you want to gift to certain people. GXX®’s resources include financial tools to continue improving your financial fitness to help others in your life.

The GXX® 1™ Card

The GXX® 1™  Card carries all your finances all around the world.


The GXX® 1™ Card!

The GXX® 1™ Card provides a truly universal tool with access to finance from anywhere in the world giving you the power of instant accessibility. The GXX® 1 Card has global reach to your bank, investments, payment plans, and income from wherever you are in the world, all in one. The card allows you to have access to GXX® services online as well as financial infrastructure around the world for borrowing, lending, investing, purchasing, and growing savings. The card is recognized and accepted anywhere in the world, in any country, and for anything, anytime on the World Wide Web.

With such a high level of convenience, the card is the simplest way to make the most of your time and is the most efficient way to use money. You need only the GXX® 1 Card! You will know you are making the right choice because the GXX® 1 Card has it all!  And the best part is it is all in one place! Spend your time doing what you want to do with the ease you will experience with the GXX® 1 Card!

You can start off simple and grow your financial portfolio as you please. Anything you could ever dream of achieving is simplified into a place where anything is possible, all with the GXX® 1 Card!

Connect to all your finances in one simple place, with one simple tool! The GXX® 1 Card is the only card you will ever need again! This is true financial freedom!!

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  • FAQ

    GXX® is a global network that people can use to access money for their every financial need!
    Our company was founded in Delaware, The United States of America. Our global communication center is based in Ottawa, Canada.
    Anyone in the world can use the GXX® service with online access and ambassadors around the world. Any person who wishes to find everything they are looking for in one place would love to use GXX®!
    It’s quite simple really: fast, friendly service, convenient locations and online access. At GXX®, we’re proud of our consistently high levels of customer satisfaction – we feel it’s an accurate reflection of our commitment to providing services and products that consumers want. People choose GXX® because many of our services differ from other financial institutions, particularly where convenience is concerned. For instance, our cheque cashing service places no holds on cheques, thereby granting our customers immediate access to their money – an added convenience that is not universally available.
    It does not cost anything to use GXX®’s online services. This includes having your application be approved. 
    To create your GXX® account, you will need to fill out the application provided on the website. You can always call the GXX® telephone number or meet with a GXX® ambassador in person to complete the application.
    With your GXX® account you have access to every GXX® member bank in the world. You can access your own money from anywhere in the world as well. You can link your GXX® account to any and all your other accounts.
    Your funds will go to your GXX® 1™ Card or your bank account for you to use!
    Currency exchange rates apply to GXX®. The good news is that you don’t have to change your money into every currency each time you travel from one country to another. Simply deposit your money in any GXX® member institution travel to any country and you can withdraw in the local currency at the best rate.
    Because GXX® is a hub for all financial institutions as well as private lenders you will have access to any amount of money you could want, from a small amount to much larger amounts.
    This is a true all-in-one, universal card that you can always count on for every situation or service! Whenever or wherever you use it, is it backed by a 24/7 support that gives you piece of mind. What make GXX® 1™ Card unique are the special features: use it anywhere in the world in the local currency, use it to access any and all accounts you chose, use it any time on the world wide web, and many more!
    You will receive your GXX® 1™ Card when your application is approved. You will receive a correspondence from our administrative department that your card is approved and would be mailed to you or sent to the nearest GXX® member institution to protect your privacy and your money.
    The GXX® 1™ Card gives you the option to build credit. Just provide secured deposit and then use the credit. These security funds could be as low as $50 and are fully refunded if you ever decide to close your account and have paid your balance in full. Secured credit gives you a limit and your payment information is reported to the credit bureaus. So, using your credit and making your payments on time helps to establish or repair your credit history.
    Yes, we participate in card security programs that help prevent unauthorized use of cards online.
    The GXX® 1™ Card security program was developed to help prevent unauthorized use of cards online. This service uses personal passwords and information to ensure the identity of the user. This helps to protect cards against unauthorized use. Once your card is activated, your card number will be recognized whenever it’s used. When you access your account online, a window will automatically appear and ask for your password and other security information. When using your card online, you will enter your password to verify your identity and complete your purchase.
    If you suspect that you may be a victim of fraud or are suspicious of a telephone call or email please contact your local law enforcement authorities and GXX® to report what has happened.
    Each payment is paid out according to the specific financial group you have chosen to use.
    Banks and private lenders join GXX® to be able to lend money to people. On the GXX® website, www.gxx.com, lenders are listed with their specific amounts of money as well as their parameters for lending.
    With GXX®’s online system you can enter your information online in one simple application form that can be used for any financial need with any financial insitution. The application is in a simple format that has instructions on a step by step basis. You submit the application form online and a confirmation will be sent to you either through your email or by telephone so you will know what the next steps will be.
    Most of the time, you will be approved immediately for your money, the system will send you an email or phone call to tell you have been approved you will receive any outstanding condition or requirements from the lending institution. If you chose to have a GXX® ambassador to assist you, you will be contacted through email or by telephone to continue your application. You will know after meeting with the ambassador when you are approved.
    A GXX® ambassador location is a place where you can meet with an agent in person to go over your application. It is a place where you and the ambassador will agree to meet at a specific time. Before meeting you must verify the ambassador ID. Visit www.gxx.com/authenticate or click the authenticate link to verify the information. You must NOT meet anyone without confirming the identification. You will see the ambassador’s name, identification number and picture.
    The services of GXX® are offered from anywhere in the world where someone has access to the internet, telephone or an ambassador location. GXX® can be accessed with a web browser as well as with an application used from smart devices. GXX® also offers the option of face to face meetings at a location you can arrange! Services are available worldwide, and offer users the ability to secure finance, borrowers and lenders to connect and communicate globally. You don’t have to be physically located anywhere to apply for finance! Just visit www.gxx.com and choose the type of financial service you’re looking for.
    To find an ambassador, you will be contacted by email or telephone after you submit an application.
    GXX® approved ambassadors work to assist you in finding information to suit your financial needs or to help you with a specific application. There is no charge for this service
    GXX® offers insurance to you. You can choose to obtain insurance for your money if you would like. You do not have to have insurance if you would not like it.
    The GXX® Service is also available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year over the telephone. Simply call to speak with our Customer Service representatives.
    The service is available online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Each GXX® Ambassador location determines its own hours of operation. You can contact GXX® to find our specific locations.
    Generally the answer is NO; however, some restrictions may apply.
    Yes GXX® is secure. GXX® uses the most up to date technology to secure its website and the information it contains. GXX® agents are specially chosen and qualified to handle sensitive, confidential information. Both online and physical locations are secured.
    GXX® protects your information by adhering to the strictest regulations for gathering and using information. GXX® employs to latest technology to secure its website and passwords.
    To protect yourself, you should read and be aware of GXX®’s terms and conditions. This information will help you know how your information will be gathered and used for GXX®’s services.
    Never share your GXX® password with anyone. You are responsible for keeping your password confidential. If you suspect your password has been compromised, change it immediately. Here are some tips for online passwords: -Select a password that is unique and difficult to guess. It is a good idea to make a password as complex as possible. -Change your password frequently. -Use a different password than you use for any other online services.
    If you receive an email from a company representing itself as GXX® and you are not sure it was sent by gxx.com, do not click on any links in the email. Instead, immediately forward the suspicious email to spoof@gxx.com. GXX® will never contact you to ask for your user ID or password.

    GXX® Statistics

    GXX® continues to grow communities worldwide, one project at a time. Millions of people around the world use GXX® every day and trust GXX® with their financial needs. We share within your community to build it better!









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